Young Authors' Spotlight

Amy Abu

Amy Abu as always found an escape in writing; her vivid and intensely creative imagination could only be expressed through a pen on paper; often times in words and images at times.
She wrote her first story at the tender age of 6, her passion for writing has produced several unpublished manuscripts, aged 8 years old, she eventually published her debut book, titled ‘Iremide, The Singing sensation’ a captivating and inspiring story about an unknown girl who is determined to live her dreams, a story loosely based on Amy’s relentless pursuit of her flamboyant dreams. As a budding writer and highly academic scholar, Amy’s creativity spans across different genres, she spends her spare time writing, playing dress up, singing and playing the piano.
Amy is set to publish her second book later this year.

I will be reading my book

Iremide The Singing Sensation

Saturday July 3, 2021    7-8pm

Oluwadarasimi Fagbayi

Oluwadarasimi Fagbayi is eight years old and presently in Year 4. His dream is to play football for his favorite Premier League Footballers one day.

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Max The Footballer

Saturday July 3, 2021    10-11am

Temiloluwa Modele

Temiloluwa Modele is an eleven year–old. His love for books have been greatly inspired with the vibrant reading programs and activities he enjoyed in school. This love for books has motivated him to write his book , The Life of an Exciting and Brilliant Boy.
Temiloluwa loves sport. He enjoys playing basketball and football with his friends. He is fascinated with Minecraft. He is presently the library prefect in his school.

I will be reading my book

The Life Of An Exciting And Brilliant Boy

Saturday July 3, 2021    12-1pm