Children's Workshops

Abiola Bashorun

Abiola Bashorun widely known as "Abiola Nurtures" is a trained Psychologist, having graduated from the University of Lagos where she earned a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Human Development Psychology. As a counsellor, speaker, researcher and an advocate for youth development, Abiola nurtures to enlighten, encourage and empower young people. She has worked with many children, adolescents and young adults across Nigeria, through private and public nurture engagements, recording immense success and significant contributions along the way for over a decade.
Abiola’s vision for Global Education is to help improve the learning experience, academic performance and the quality of life of many students in schools across Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.
She is the author of the book titled "Learning How to Learn in A to Z Ways", a transformative educational guide that teaches students how to make significant improvements in their learning experience. She is also the convener of the "Learning How to Learn Educational Workshop", a student-centred interactive training session hosted in primary, secondary and tertiary schools across the nation.

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I Am Remarkable: Super Special Me!

Saturday September 23, 2023    10:00am

Adejumoke Sangolana

Adejumoke Sangolana is a safety professional with over 10 years industry experience and over 15 years in early years education.
With a background in Petroleum Engineering from Covenant University, Nigeria, she has gained professional certifications in International Health and safety at work by NEBOSH; various ISO Management Sustems as a Lead Auditor and is locally certified by the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON) since 2011.
A mother of two, her passion for the wellbeing of children and professional authority gave birth to her first children's book titled "Sam Learns Safety".

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The ABCs of Safety

Saturday September 23, 2023    08:00am

Busola Dakolo

Busola Dakolo is a strong supporter of lifelong learning for personal development and adaptability. She has taught photography to students in high school, middle school, and college as a professional photographer with over 6 years of experience in brand and portrait photography. She enjoys teaching photography to elementary school students as an artistic way for them to learn about the world.

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Picture Perfect Tips For Young Photographers

Saturday September 23, 2023    12:00pm

Chimdindu Peace Ugwuanyi

Chimdindu Peace Ugwuanyi is a medical doctor who is greatly passionate about Child and Adolescent Health. With over 8 years’ experience working with children, her goal is to keep innovating different health strategies to help children in sub-Saharan Africa grow wholesomely. She is equally a member of Society for Adolescents and Young People’s Health Nigeria (SAYPHIN). She is the Executive Director of ‘Speak out for Children Development Initiative’, an organization dedicated to preventing and protecting children from being sexually abused, currently operating in Nigeria and Cameroon (in partnership with Needful Children Organization).
She has led several social media campaigns to raise awareness and teach on the importance of protecting children and ensuring they enjoy a safe childhood. Consistently with her team, they focus on researching and working on more ways to create more awareness in every nook and cranny and prevent this plague. Chimdindu is the author of ‘My Body Safety Story Book’, a book for children that emphasizes on body safety rules.
She is a member of different prestigious fellowships and has been recognized as one of the 60 young Global Change Makers from different countries in 2019. Her works have been featured severally on BBCbiz100 experts and in other media in Nigeria.

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No: You Can't Invade My Space! Body Safety 101 For Children

Saturday September 23, 2023    12:30pm

David Adegboyega

David Adegboyega, B.Eng Civil, University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. With about 20 years’ experience spanning marketing & corporate communications, training, customer acquisition, retail products management and corporate responsibility & sustainability in banking.
David is a Sound Character Coach and Nation Builder and his passion for sound character has led him to author several materials with over 40,000 copies printed and distributed. He loves training, where he shares time-tested knowledge, soft skills and attitude that has made him a sought-after personality.
He drives the Sound Character movement which seeks to provide the tools to foster productive and meaningful lives. The initiative seeks to empower a critical mass of purposeful future leaders, demonstrating values to contribute positively globally. He seeks to raise a critical mass of young people to whom corruption is not an option in everything they do.

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Success Secrets For Children

Saturday September 23, 2023    04:00pm

David Ogunshola

Author, Early Coding for Kids
Founder, EarlyFounders Labs
Co-Founder, Brainy Hive Schools

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Not Too Young To Code

Saturday September 23, 2023    05:00pm

Fokanferanmi Okojie

Feranmi is a seasoned professional and innovator, boasting an extensive track record in the realms of HR, Talent Management and Development, and Design Thinking. Over the course of her 13-year career, she has consistently showcased her mastery in leveraging strategic initiatives to fuel tangible business outcomes across diverse industries. Renowned for her unparalleled creativity, adaptability, and unwavering dedication to fostering organizational growth, she brings a unique blend of innovative thinking and strategic acumen to every endeavor. She is currently the Vice Chancellor of Purple Academy, leading learning and development at the corporate university for Wema Bank and Alat.
Outside work, she is an avid reader, writer and child educator, who reads, teaches and organizes gamified initiatives to help children learn creativity and innovation. She has actively partnered with organisations and bodies responsible for youth development, engages in storytelling and works as a voice over artist to help bring stories to life. She is a mother of two and a huge advocate for inspiring the young mind.
She is an active member of the YoungO Youth Constituency at the UNFCCC and has partnered to train youth and support education projects in communities across Africa. She is a certified Consultant, Design Thinker, HR/Talent Development Expert and Coach who seeks to fuel the future of work, transform education, inspire lifelong learners and create a more connected world through innovation.

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Raising A Reader: Inspiring A Love of Reading in Children

Saturday September 23, 2023    02:00pm

Ifedolapo Peter-Ajakaiye

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Smarter Finance: Investing Tips For Children

Saturday September 23, 2023    09:00am

Kehinde Ayeni

Ms Kehinde Ayeni, Executive Director, LEAP Africa, is a 13-year LEAP veteran who, in the last three years, has also served as the Chief Operating Officer - responsible for developing and driving operational strategy, optimising resources, processes and people improvement, translating strategy into actionable goals for optimal performance, growth and sustainability.
Ms. Ayeni’s passion, commitment, drive, and excellence have contributed greatly to the growth of LEAP Africa. She has built a career in the non-profit and works for an organisation that nurtures young Africans by creating and enabling opportunities for them to fulfil their potential. She is a skilled facilitator and has led impact-driven sessions in LEAP Africa’s core leadership programmes within Nigeria and across Africa. In 2020, Kehinde was recognized among 50 African Women Making a Difference in Development by Donors for Africa and a 2021 Praxis Non-profit Accelerator Fellow.
Kehinde is an advocate for social good and promotes debates and causes related to leadership development, social entrepreneurship, and economic and youth development. Her personal and professional goal is to continue creating the environment, opportunities, and solutions to profit, empower, and enable self- and organizational sustainability.
Kehinde Ayeni has her first degree in Geography and Education from the University of Ilorin and a certificate in Advanced Skills Programme from the School of Media and Communications, Pan African University (now Pan Atlantic University) and a Certificate in Sustainability Workshop for NGOs and Corporate Organizations from the same University. She is a Global Affiliate of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, UK and is currently studying for an executive MBA at Lagos Business School.

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Navigating Your Teenage Years

Saturday September 23, 2023    03:00pm

Solape Azazi

Solape Azazi is the author of the children’s book titled “My Friend Has Autism”. A book about understanding and acceptance from a child’s perspective of what autism is. She is an IBCCES certified Autism Specialist and an active member of the Global Autism Project Team focused on providing resources, culturally relevant training and collaborative community need to support, empower and champion autistic individuals locally.
She founded Cradle Lounge Special Needs Initiatives in 2019 a Non-Governmental Organisation set up to advocate and empower autistic individuals and their caregivers with tools required to provide an improved quality of life and inclusion within the society by providing culturally relevant support and training programs to increase awareness, acceptance and inclusion.
She has an extensive experience in HR Generalist affairs with expertise in employee relations as well as overall management skills including staff management and project leadership. She is a wife and mother of 2 boys, one of whom was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3.

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Special Needs: Special Care

Saturday September 23, 2023    02:00pm

Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi

Mrs. Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi (The Merchant of Hope), has spent about 15 years in public service where she has served with Lagos State Government in different capacities. Her experience cuts across public policy and public administration, as well as legal expertise and social services (social welfare and social protection).
She has been instrumental in ensuring a proactive and coordinated response to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Lagos State. She currently serves as the pioneer Executive Secretary of the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency.
She is an author of several books for children on Domestic Violence, Civic education, Sexual Violence & Self-love/Body Safety. More recently, she published her memoir in a book titled ‘Living for a higher purpose, Inspiring hope through the Nigerian Public Service’ in December 2022.
Lola is the founder of the Lola Vivour Adeniyi Foundation, which is committed to empowering the vulnerable in the society through the provision of scholarships and business grants. The `foundation has been able to support over 35 women led businesses and sponsored numerous kids through scholarships.
As a consultant, she has worked with national and international organizations including British Council, (European Union Funded ROLAC) World Bank and United Nations projects. She continues to provide technical support for development of SGBV Response models for other States of the Federation.
Lola is an alumnus of Middlesex University, School of Politics, Policy & Governance (SPPG) and the London School of Economics. She is also a recipient of various awards including the Partnership and Appreciation Award, presented by Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo on behalf of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
She is married with three children. She enjoys travelling, shopping, spending time with her family, and meditating on the bible.

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My Passport Of Rights

Saturday September 23, 2023    11:00am