The 5th Akada Children's Book Festival Says Thank You


5th Akada Children's Book Festival

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Featured Books

The Akada Children's Book Festival (ACBF) is a showcase of children's books written by African authors or books from around the world written for a diverse audience of children. ACBF is the first and the largest Nigerian book festival specifically for children. The gathering was held for the first time in 2019 and it attracted over 1,400 attendees.

By God's grace, ACBF 2023 will hold on Saturday September 23, 2023.

Festival Highlights

Book Chat
Book Exhibition
Chess Tournament
Sip n Paint
Art Exhibition
Announcing the winners of Writing & Illustration Competition

Exciting Workshops for ACBF 2023

  • 1.  Winning Hearts & Minds: Creative Writing Masterclass for Children's Authors
  • 2.  Books That Speak: Creating A Bestselling Audiobook
  • 3.  Achieve More: How To Maximise Your Potential As An Illustrator

  • 1.  Raising A Reader: Inspiring A Love of Reading in Children
  • 2.  Identifying & Correcting Maladaptive Behaviour: An Anti-Bullying Session
  • 3.  Discipline in the 21st Century
  • 4.  My Child's Got Talent: Now What?
  • 5.  The Impact Of Social Media on Your Children

  • 1.  Smarter Finance: Investing Tips For Children
  • 2.  I Am Remarkable: Super Special Me!
  • 3.  Picture Perfect Tips For Young Photographers
  • 4.  My Passport Of Rights
  • 5.  Not Too Young To Code
  • 6.  Special Needs, Special Care
  • 7.  No: You Can't Invade My Space! Body Safety 101 For Children
  • 8.  Navigating Your Teenage Years
  • 9.  Success Secrets For Children
  • 10.  The ABCs of Safety
  • 11.  For Girls Only: Navigating Puberty