Awele Chukwudi-Okonkwo

Dorcas Ikya

Hi! My name is Dorcas Ikya. You can call me the bookfairy, the booklady, reading specialist, book whisperer!
My love of literacy started at an early age. I grew in a bok loving home. I'm also a trained educator with 17 years of work experience as a school teacher and head of school.
My work experience and passion for books has helped me start up and run this amazing bookstore called Tabithas Kids. We are fun children's book and giftstore. Offering children a range of books and literacy activities that help them fall in love with books and reading!


Kemisola Adetola

Kemisola Adetola is the founder of Book Hangout, a socially engaging community of readers, channelled towards redefining the reading narratives in Nigeria and Africa at large, as well as fostering self improvement through reading, and promoting social interactivity among creatives and business professionals.
Kemisola is a PR consultant at ADVerb Agency where she is working with businesses, personal brands with authors to create valuable social engagements around the theme of their books, as well as driving sales and distributions.
With her educational background in Psychology, Kemisola is passionate about applying the principles of human psychology to build an active and engaging community for brands across various walks of life.

Kimberley Ajayi-bembe

Kimberley Ajayi-Bembe is a British Citizen who relocated to Lagos 12 years ago, she has been an early years professonal in both Scotland and Nigeria for 14 years, she is the School Director at The Nurturing Tree which started in 2017. Kimberley has a passion for building the right foundation and giving the children the necessary skills for an easy transition to school, her personal goal is to ensure the children adopt a love for books as books help develop a childs brain and aids in concentration, attention span and their social skills while helping develop early literacy skills.
Kimberley believes in mentoring her staff and encouraging them to be the best educator that they can be, she also likes to volunteer her spare time; she was previously the Chairperson for the Education Board for Meadow Hall School and is also dedicated to the Lagos Caledonian Society and the Nigerwives Organisation.

Olufunke Oluyemi

Olufunke Oluyemi is the founder of Infant and Toddler's Corner, an early childhood education resource and consultancy organization. With a background in Information and Communication Technology, she gained experience in the financial services and Information Technology sector before starting up the early childhood organization. In pursuit of her passion and quest for knowledge on rounded education and development of the child, she certified as a Montessori early childhood educator and a Professional Early Years Consultant. She is married and their marriage is blessed with two young boys.

Semilore Okojie

Semilore Okojie is a 5-year-old multitalented boy.
He is an avid child reader, book reviewer and story-teller in the making. He started reading and reviewing books at the age of two with a preference for his favorite African Author –Bunmi Aboderin Talabi; an influence that amassed his interest in African books.
He is extremely playful, witty and can talk the hind legs off a horse like a mini-consultant. He loves math, science & technology and is passionate about wild life and ancient animal history (with a specific interest in dinosaurs). He is a good gamer and is quite open minded; always willing to learn about anything and everything.
He is a contortionist/gymnast in training, potential child model and sportsman with energy levels that exhibit consistent enthusiasm and a passion for the things he loves.
His hobbies are swimming, running, cycling, cooking, inventing and imaginative play. His career goals for now are to be a pilot, engineer, super hero and fly a rocket to the moon.