The 3rd Akada Children's Book Festival, Lagos

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ACBF is a showcase of children's books written by African authors or books from around the world written for children from diverse cultures. To the best of our knowledge, ACBF is the first Nigerian book festival specifically for children. The gathering was held for the first time in 2019 and it was hosted by the British Council in their Lagos premises. The event was a resounding success attracting over 1,400 attendees.

Thursday July 1 - Saturday July 3, 2021


Thursday July 1, 2021
10am - 8pm

Friday July 2, 2021
2pm - 8pm

Saturday July 3, 2021
8am - 8pm


Entrance to the festival is FREE but registration is required.

The second edition was held online and despite all the challenges that the world encountered in 2020, the online festival was another success, attracting over 1,600 participants from across the world. Participants joined the festival from Ghana, Madagascar, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Rwanda, Estonia and Nigeria.
The 2021 ACBF also held online over 3 days: July 1, 2 and 3. There was professional workshops for children's book writers; illustrators; publishers; author book readings; book chats; fun mini-workshops for children; theatre; music; dance and insightful sessions for parents and teachers.

Clever Clogs Books is a niche publishing house, focused on the production of Nigerian- themed children's picture books for early readers. We desire to see Nigeria attain a 100% literacy rate and we believe that this is possible in our lifetime. Our contribution towards this goal is to efficiently run a business that produces beautifully-illustrated children's picture books that excite and inspire children, parents and teachers. This is also why we organise the Akada Children's Book Festival.

More about the ACBF 2021 workshops

ACBF2021 Day 1 Highlights

The professional workshops took place ONLINE on Thursday July 1, 2021. These are workshops for adults working as authors; illustrators; content creators; or publishers in the children's book sector.

  • 10am.  Write Like A Pro!
  • 2pm.  The Importance of African Children's Books Locally and Globally
  • 3pm.  Insights Into Being A Publisher
  • 4pm.  The Dangers of Self Editing
  • 5pm.  Podcasting For Authors
  • 6pm.  Creating Dynamic Illustrations For Children's Books
  • 7pm.  Why You Need A Literary Agent

ACBF2021 Day 2 Highlights

The parent & teacher workshops took place ONLINE on Friday July 2, 2021.

  • 2pm.  Reading To Children With Special Needs
  • 3pm.  Raising Independent and Resilient Children
  • 4pm.  How To Develop The Entrepreneurial Streak In Your Children
  • 5pm.  A Busy Parent's Guide: Creating Endearing Memories With Your Children
  • 6pm.  Feed Them Right: Superfoods for Children
  • 7pm.  Raising Moneywise Children

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