Professional Development Workshops

The paid professional development workshops take place ONLINE on Friday October 30th, 2020. These are workshops for adults working as authors; illustrators; content creators; or publishers in the children's book sector. These sessions cover three broad themes: Perfecting Your Bookcraft; Digital Books and The Business of Books. There are several workshops from which to choose:

Perfecting Your Book Craft* each workshop is ₦12,000

Writing Engaging Children's Books

This is an essential workshop for aspiring children's picture book writers. If you have been thinking of writing books for children under 10, this session is just for you.

Write It Down!: From Idea to Book

You have a brilliant idea that you want to share with the world but you seem to be hitting a road block each time you want to start writing. Find out how to burst through that writer's block put your thoughts to paper and move your book closer to completion.

Creating Illustrations For Children's Books

Many artist can draw, but not every artist knows how to create engaging illustrations that will appeal to children. Find out how to adapt your particular skill set for the children's picture book audience.

Editing: You've Written A Book Now What?

Finishing your manuscript is not the end of the book writing process. Discover why self-editing is often not enough; how to find and select the right editor for your work and why a good editor can be worth her weight in gold.

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The Business of Books* each workshop is ₦12,000

Level Up!: From Picture Book To Animation

Your picture book could become the next major cartoon series. Find out the steps involved in making the leap from page to screen.

Get Yourself Out There!: Making The Most Of Social Media

No matter how great your work may be, if people don't know you and what you do, the desired impact may not materialise. Learn how to maximise free social media platforms and methods for enhancing the effectiveness of your campaign.

Show Me The Money: How To Use Your Expertise To Create Online Courses

Learn how to monetize your content and develop multiple streams of income from your work.

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Digital Books* each workshop is ₦12,000

Becoming An eBook Superstar

Times they are a-changing and so is the publishing industry. Moving from the printed page to the e-page is vital for any self-publisher interested in improving the chances of recouping their investment. Learn how to publish your work online, the various platforms available and the pitfalls to avoid.

Unbury Your Work: Making It Easy For Buyers To Find Your Books

Just because you've uploaded your ebook doesn't mean readers know about it or that it can be seamlessly found online.Search engine optimisation is critical for the success of our e-commerce startegy. Learn about this and other tools for making sure our listing can be found.

Developing Your 1st App

Discover how to select the right team to work with and how to maximise the effectiveness of your App and the best way to present your content to an international market.

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